Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soul Savers

So this is a series that was not on my radar at all. I had just finished Fifty Shades and looking for a good read when a friend whom has similar interest in books recommended it for me.  So far there are 3 books in the series by Krisite Cook ;  Promise, Purpose, and Devotion. 
       Promise- It starts out a little slow and the plot is a mystery even to the protagonist Alexis. As you delve in further and start to unravel some of the mystery you become completely enthralled. It's one half romance and the other half supernatural intrigue. It doesn't give you a choice but to start right up with the next book...

      Purpose- There is a little time warp and you really feel everything from happiness to extreme sadness. It catches your heart strings and has you rooting for Alexis in every way. This book delves into psychology a bit and makes you question has she gone off her rocker ? And if she has can you say that put in her situation wouldn't you ?!? 


 Devotion- This a bit more political. Makes you wonder is there ever a clear line of who is good and who is bad. It seems there was always a black and white clarity but now Alexis' world is beginning to look full of grey. You get to find out some of the unanswered questions but not all. The mystery behind what is really going on is still there. Leaves you so looking forward to the next book! 

When I started reading these books I assumed it was a trilogy so I was let down when the third book left off with so many unanswered questions but was relieved once I realized that more was coming. I really enjoyed this series and read them back to back in a matter of days. If you enjoy the Occult/Supernatural fantasy world you will love this series. It gives you the perfect dose of romance and mystery. 
I am giving it ★★★★☆ out of ★★★★★!!!

First Review ( Fifty Shades)

So the first review I am going to do is actually a series review. Wait for it... Fifty Shades ! Go figure right. Well some of you out there are refusing to read it just because of the shear hype of it all. Well I am here to tell you to go right now and retrieve a copy and read it. Of course I do hope you don't have anything else to do today because you will not be able to put it down! 

Fifty Shades of Grey- This is a very good example of how you don't get to choose who you fall in love with. Anastasia is a very relate-able character. Her Mr. Grey is very out there in every way imaginable. Ever thought about what if you met a guy who was perfect in ever way but had a dark secret? Could you handle it?  

Fifty Shades Darker- I found when I read this book there was always an internal debate in my head. Could I do what she was doing? What do I think she should do? It was still riveting from beginning to end and left me with the absolute need to start the next book! 

Fifty Shades of Freed- First off the title   is horrible! I get that she was keeping with the Fifty Shades theme but this title bugged me. That was the only problem I had with the book though. It is over look able I guess! This was the final book and it was amazing! You leave the series feeling over joyed for they way it all turned out. I was very pleased!  

It leaves you wanting more and very curious about things that may have never crossed your mind before... So for this book worm 
I give it a ★★★★★ out ★★★★★ star rating !!!

First Post EVER!!

Hello there! I see you've stumble into my little corner of the world.  This is my very first blog post ever. Do you hear the roar of the crowd? Well of course not silly it's only in my head! LoL! Well I intend on writing book reviews on the majority of books I have read and intend to write on the ones I am currently reading. There is no way I will be able to write about every book I have read but I'd like to get a good majority so some days there will be several post and some days none at all. If you would like a review of a certain book let me know I will give it to you if I have read and if not maybe I'll read it if I am not currently reading something.  Oh lovely well I do hope you come and visit me often. Bye for now! <3